Why Billboards?

  • Find People Where They Are
    Americans spend an average of 15 hours per week driving. That means that you literally have a captive audience for your advertisements.
  • Best Value For Your Money
    Compared with other forms of advertising, Billboards offer by far the most value for every dollar you spend.
  • Constant Exposure
    Your billboard ad is reaching out to potential customers 24/7. No other advertising media comes close.
  • You Can’t Not See It!
    Outdoor advertising is the only form of advertising that is inescapable. There is no ad blocker to
    hide them or dvr to skip past them. 
  •  High Frequency
    Frequency and repetition are key areas that outdoor advertising provides like no other. Seeing
    your ad everyday makes your business the first to come to mind when they need that product
    or service.